My Good Shepherd

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Here is what's on my mind. You know how in John it talks about sheep and the shepherd and whatnot?

I've thought about that before and mostly concentrated on what it means to be a good sheep...hearing the Shepherds voice, following him, etc.

But yesterday when I was reading it again I had a lovely safe feeling come over me when I realized that the sheep do not fight the wolf. The Shepherd fights the wolf.

Exhale. It will all be okay. I certainly do not have to do everything.

3 Responses to “My Good Shepherd”

  1. Taking a second from my bloggy break to say thanks for this. I needed it more than you know.

  2. I have never thought of it that way. Very nice. But I still want to do some fighting.

  3. Beautiful thought! Thank you. This will certainly come in handy. Love ya lots.


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