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My Precarious Balance

Monday, March 29, 2010

This month has been a study in getting my balance back, if I ever had it. I've blogged about how excited I was to be the community manager for www.mommycast.ning and about how I'm working in my Dad's State Farm office part time. I really truly hopefully crazily thought I could do both and still be a rockin' wife/mom...but I was woefully wrong.

So then I had to spend a month worrying and agonizing and writing pretend resignation letters in my head to my bffs at mommycast who have always taken such good care of me and it was AWFUL. Because after evaluating everything it was clear that the internet job was the one that had to go, even though "community manager" sounds way cooler than "insurance personage."

But here is the thing, right now feels like the most critical parenting time Marc and I have braved (faced, imagined, dealt with, weathered, been blessed with...what is the word I am looking for?) and I really need to be here for it 100%.

Each child is on the cusp of major growth and change and our family dynamics are shifting too. Maddie is almost an adult, Katie is in the throws of teenagerness, Jonathan will receive the Priesthood in our church and start middle school in the fall, and Ellie will be baptized this summer. Sometimes I feel like I am living in the middle of a tornado. Marc and I are realizing we have to really plan and work to make sure everything that needs to happen in our home actually happens. And then it happens maybe half the time. But we are committed to keeping our focus and doing our very best.

Because boy, oh boy do I love these kids!


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