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Take Shape For Life

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ima now going to talk about my diet (or "eating plan" if you speak p.c.). On the one hand it seems kind of awkward to talk about, but on the other hand, sharing is caring and when have I ever let awkward stop me anyhow?

I'm eating Medifast. I eat five of the Medifast meals a day and then one meal that I make out of "real" food; it's called the Lean and Green meal because you eat one protein portion and three vegetable portions.

I've been overweight for about ten years now and although I've tried a couple of times to diet I haven't really been in a place mentally to make my weight a priority. For some reason(partly Maddie's wedding) I really want to get it off now. Also, I keep thinking that I had no business donating a kidney if I'm not going to at least try and reach a healthy weight.

Medifast is a good choice for me because I have all kinds of food issues and this takes away the decision making process pretty completely-I just eat the food and that's that. Obviously this can't be my life long plan...but I like that it's clearing out some time and space for me to really think about my eating issues, why I eat what I do and when I do and how much I do. I'm trying really hard to be tuned into any cravings and evaluate what triggers them so I handle myself better in the future.

I definitely need to learn how to self sooth without food. Really. 


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