Easy Peasy Birthday Banner

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Friday with Marc out of town + four diet cokes + upcoming birthday party = uncontrollable need to make a birthday banner at nine o'clock at night!

And the bonus is I have something for DIY Thursday!


So instead of doing any chore type items which I hate anyway, I decided I could make a Mary Engelbreit-ish birthday banner out of leftover fabric scraps and, I'll be honest, fabric I'd purchased for projects that I never got to.It was a great idea! Totally fun, fast, and rewarding. I imagined that I invented this from my own pretty little head, but when I googled "fabric birthday banner" It turns out I had not. There are LOTS of ideas out there.

My idea was to sew a little, use wonder under a lot, and hot glue everything else. Worked like a charm. Check it out.

I stole some wonder under from Dayna (thanks!) and just free hand drew the letters on the paper part. Remember to reverse them.I layered the batting between the front and back pieces, pinned them together, cut an edge with pinking shears, and sewed around the edge. Nothing is particularly straight or perfect but I was more interested in fast than perfect for this project.

The last step was to lay all the pieces out on my kitchen table and glue them to this piece of ric rac (is that what it's called?) and to glue on bits of pom pom trim and a few buttons. TA-DA! I am thoroughly impressed.

3 Responses to “Easy Peasy Birthday Banner”

  1. I'm thoroughly impressed, too. And I'm guessing Kendra loved this banner!

  2. That is SO cute, and I love the name of your blog, btw. LOL...

  3. Look at you, Little Miss Impressive! Will you make me one? ;)


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