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Mike and Elle's Garden Wedding

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I love parties and party planning and especially parties that are weddings, so when my friend Elle told me she was getting married and looking for help planning the wedding I may have started squirming in my seat and clapping my hands and gasping, "Me, me, me, Oh Let Me Do It!!!!!" Yeah. Like that. And I am so lucky, she did. 

Eleanor is an amazing woman with four fabulous kiddos. Her husband, Matt, passed away a few years ago and she has been holding down the fort with grace and humor and basically everyone loves her and is in awe of her. I think everyone who knows her was elated to hear that she met another wonderful man to share her life with, Mike. 

Between the two of them they have NINE children. Just let that sit for a minute.

I asked Eleanor what it's like when they all go out and she said in her unflappable way, "It's not as crazy as you're thinking it is."

But really, you're not here to for me to blah, blah, blah, you're here for the pictures right? I totally understand! Let's go.

Monogrammed Wedding Chalk Board
It may have taken me four tries to get the chalkboard right, but now I'm in love with it!
Wreath with Monogram Chalkboard
 Elle's friend, Karly has a home with an amazing outdoor space that should be in Architectural Digest. She was thrilled to host the wedding and it was so fun working with her to make everything gorgeous.

Kinfolk style Wedding
Kinfolk Wedding Style Table
These picnic benches were set up on the lower level of the yard to serve as kid tables, or "third generation seating" if you prefer. Some people feel very strongly about that :-)

Every wedding should for sure have a great rope swing to keep things interesting.

Eleanor and Mike looked radiant. They are clearly so in love and thrilled to have found each other.
Is that dress not to die for?

After the ceremony and pictures there was the dinner. I'm just gonna say it; it was beautiful.
Kinfolk napkin and place card with Rosemary Sprig
Floral table runner with white flowers and succulents
floral table runner with white flowers and succulents
Kinfolk style wedding centerpiece with White flowers and Succulents
Clearly I did not make all this gorgeousness by myself. It was so much fun and a real privilege to work with Dayna, Holly, Emily and Julie, some of the most talented women I know.

At one point I was up on a ladder placing flowers and succulents in a hanging arrangement. All four of them were on the ground holding the ladder, passing me plants, and telling me where to place each one from their vantage point on the ground. We were cracking up at our own intensity over where each little flower needed to go and Emily pointed out that this moment sums up what we're all about.

Each of us would do anything-would be anywhere-to help the others have a more beautiful life. I love you ladies.
And this cake. Seriously. I just can' tasted ah-mazing too. It was made by Elle's friend, Michelle Christiansen , who only takes clients from referrals, so, if you need her, call me.
And there you go. Here's wishing all the best to this wonderful Bride and Groom!



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