Fishy Fish

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Fish smells like fish." That's Jonathan's reason for why he doesn't want to eat my fabulous baked salmon.

But last night I made This baked fish with shrimp and it went over really well. At first he said he was going to just have the noodles and green beans, but after smelling the (delicious) sauce for awhile he asked for a bite and then said, "Oh! I've gotta have some of that."

Seriously, I feel like a super momma when three out of four kids eat their fish and green beans and like it. Ellie doesn't count. She is my "get out of parenting responsibilities free" child because she is so difficult that I am going strait to Heaven just because she is still alive. DON'T judge me. Or at least be gentle.
* just so you know, although the fish looks creamy, I made it with fat free milk, a serving is only 310 calories. And it was still good, it tasted like cheating.

2 Responses to “Fishy Fish”

  1. Shelley, I am not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be scrubbing off syrup from the kitchen counter and cleaning up wrapping paper from Lucy's gift unwrapping this morning. But I can't seem to tear myself from your blog! You are such a great, entertaining writer. Love it! Miss you! I'm gonna totally have to try this fish. Do you think it would work with Tilapia (the only kind of fish I'm not too scared of?)

  2. I need this redipe if it is so yummy. Dan went fishing in Alaska and I have a freezer full of the fish.


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