Fall Decorating

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Marc ended up working on Saturday so we didn't paint the family room. Sigh. So I decided to entertain myself by fancy-ing up the entryway.
I saw this picture on this website (a new love) and thought family pictures going up the stair well would be a pretty idea. I found frames on sale at Target and got to work scanning pictures.

Due to my technical difficulty (missing brain parts) it took me a really long time to scan and print. Marc finally had to save me. But the pictures look GREAT!

As soon as I hang them I'll share pictures. I will hang them as soon as I decide if I want to keep them with pictures I have already so laboriously scanned and printed or if I want to scan and print a whole NEW set of old Halloween photos to display next month.

Isn't that a cute idea! A cute, stupid, will drive me crazy if I do it and will drive me crazy if I don't, idea? This is one of my favorites.

Then, all I will need is an area rug and some fall like table stuff to finish up the teeny space. I'm not sure if the fall stuff should be attractive fall foliage, or plastic eyeballs floating in an apothacary. What do you think?

3 Responses to “Fall Decorating”

  1. I looooove that photo! I think you should do the apothecary jars a la Martha Stewart with the cabbage brains et al.

  2. Love it! That's always been a favorite pic of mine. I remember you had it on the fridge for the longest time! Thanks for the fun website! I've been wanting to do a picture collage, but needed some inspiration! By the way, I need a 5x7 of your family. The only picture I have is from Christmas 2005!

  3. I simply must know RIGHT NOW if that crazy chair lift thingie is gone from the stairway. Because if it's still there, I think you should pile IT with the eyeballs.


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