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A Christmas Post

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What is it about not writing that makes it so hard to start writing?

Our Christmas report is that we had a wonderful Christmas. I got Marc an ipad for his birthday (fondly known as Marcmas since it is on the 23rd) making me the awesomest wife in
town. And I made this rather large purchase without consulting Marc first, which is a first. I am very impressed with myself and my grown-upness and since I keep telling everyone about it I figure I might as well talk about it here too.

In the past I have been the pretty set on keeping certain Christmas traditions, like what we eat and how we open gifts. This year it was funny that Maddie and Katie have turned into the tradition police. Anytime someone suggested deviating from the usual Christmas order they became completely indignant. Ah, it was lovely and extremely validating.

This post is disjointed with too many made up words but I am too lazy to fix it. I am also too lazy to upload pictures from my camera so here are the only three I took with my phone (which syncs with my computer):

The first one is of the wonderful Christmas bunnies that Paige made for me, and the second one is our Christmas picture.

Merry Christmas!


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