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Sunday, September 16, 2012

I like to read some of the big blogs as noted on my sidebar. I dream about having that kind of readership, mostly because I love writing and think it is fun when people read what I write, also I love comments, and also Pop-u-lar; I want to be Pop-uuuu-lar!

So in an effort to emulate I am going to spend this week giving tips. Because the big girls often give "10 tips on how to(fill in the blank)." I haven't thought of that many things I know enough about to give tips on, and I don't think I have 10 tips for the things I can think of, but I don't think that should stop me from believing in myself!

Here I go then. These are my beauty tips; I think those kind of tips are the most popular:

1. Get dressed. Try to do this everyday. Pajamas are not an outfit the same way a ponytail is not a hairstyle. Don't hate me, it' just the truth.

2. Use this lipstick. I have no affiliate links, I just really like this lip color. It is light, smooth and medium shiny. It reminds me of Burt's Bees but has more colors to choose from. 

3. Also, I do my own hair color with the John Frieda hair color and have excellent results, I tell you what. This product is so good that I have repeatedly embarrassed myself by gushing to friends about how awesome it is until their eyes glaze over. It goes on like a mousse and it lets all the variations of shade and highlights in your hair shine through so it looks really natural. And it is SO much cheaper than a salon do, which I have paid for for years and I actually like this better because as soon as I notice my roots I swing by CVS to get a box and take care of it that night. Half an hour and twelve bucks and BOOM, I look like this:

4. Sometimes I ask my 17 year old daughter if what I'm wearing looks okay. Feel free to text her a picture of your outfit and see what she says.

5. Okay, this is the last one...I'm seriously thinking here...maybe I should have come to this post better prepared...HA! I've got one. If you get acne on your chest like I do, invest in some chunky necklaces that you can cover it up with. I know that is gross to talk about but sometimes beauty is a harsh mistress.

Wowee, I did it (well, half way). What are your beauty tips? For real? I love to hear what real ladies do to keep it together!

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