Tea Cup Giddy

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Have I told you before about how much I love dishes? Oh, a lovely dish makes my heart go pitter patter. I always buy plain white (crate and barrel) plates so that I can accessorize my table with whatever pretty serving dishes I have. But if I had money and cupboard space to spare I'd have dish sets coming out the wazoo I tell you what! The wazoo! spell check recognized "wazoo." that's funny.

So now, for your viewing and my gloating pleasure, I will share photos of the new to me dishes that my Aunt Nancy just gifted me because she moved and doesn't have space for them. Dishes, I do love you. I will marry you. We can be together forever.
Mostly what she gave me are tea things that used to belong to my Grandma and Nana. I have some lovely ones already that you can see here. And a two tier cake stand! Don't hate me.These tea cups may be my new favorites because they are so over the top ladylike fancy. They remind me of Marie Antoinette. And Juicy Couture.I don't actually know what this is specifically for, but it will be adorable with a little jam at the fancy lady friends brunch that I usually have at Christmas.

Honestly, I am taking deep breaths now because the very thought of each lovely tea cup is like a hit of cocaine. I think. I mean that could be wrong because really I get sick from just percocet, but you know what I mean.

Done now, all this gleeful acquisition is exhausting.

3 Responses to “Tea Cup Giddy”

  1. Oh, my! These are so scrumptious, and so very YOU. I can just imagine your lovely table in your beautiful, serene home. I remember a lot of these dishes from your Grandma Helen and Nana; they had them in their Escondido house. I'm so happy they've found a new and loving steward in you.

  2. These are sooo you! Love them. So glad you have something new to make your heart go pitter patter. Tell Marc not to be jealous!


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