Pinkies Up, Excuse Moi!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

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Ellie got a book last week. It's called "Fancy Nancy Tea Parties." Oo La La, did this book ever get us thinking. As we snuggled in her bed Thursday night we planned an exquisite tea party for her friends (real and stuffed).

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We carefully planned the menu: cheese and ham crackers (like a fancy lunchable), cookies, apples, ice cream sundaes, and pink lemonade "tea." Delightful!

We shopped on Friday, set the table Saturday morning, and were ready for our guests at 11 am. The girls were so adorably excited. They seemed as pleased with the sweets as they were with me as the "servant." It was my job to wear my uniform, a purple boa and grass hoola skirt, while I served them tea and spoke in my most upper crus
t snotty voice.I have to say, this was very fun. Generally I don't play, per say, with my kids. I read, snuggle, do puzzles, cook with, tickle, teach, chase, and whatnot, but I'm not so much for the imagination games. That's what they have siblings for by golly.

But planning this out and then actually doing it made Ellie so happy, it was totally worth it. And yes, we did use my fancy tea cups and stuff, it made her day...and mine.

6 Responses to “Pinkies Up, Excuse Moi!”

  1. You're such a good mom. I think I had that kind of energy with #2. Poor #4 gets, "Hey, I'll play Go Fish with you . . ."

  2. So so fun!! I love tea parties! What a great memory to have. Wanna come put on a tea party for me? But only if you wear the purple boa and grass skirt!!! I LOVE YOU!

  3. I can't think of a better use for all your froo-fie china and stuff. How cute this tea party is! Fancy Nancy has nothing on you and Ellie.

  4. Where is the picture of you in the boa and skirt. That is what we all really want to see!! Luv ya!!

  5. Previous comment was from me, not Shelley hereself. I was just at her computer and forgot to sign on as myself. Oops!

  6. You ROCK!! I want to do this when Maddie gets big. :)


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