He's Hungry!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lately Jonathan has taken to lurking in the kitchen, sniffing everything I'm making, and asking, make that begging for bites. He is always hungry and super interested in food.

Last week we ate at Chipotle and he had the tres tacos meal. It is not small, I'm telling you that right now. It is a solid meal. I ordered a chicken burrito and ate half and wrapped the other half up to save for Marc (poor man is at the office night and day right now).

So anyway, before we are even out of the restaurant Jonathan is eyeing my burrito like a starving child from a third world country. He asks politely if he can have it. I politely say no.

On the way home he asks for it again and I tell him I'm saving for his dad, it's his Dad's dinner for pete's sake. This goes on for the whole night. It was not pretty, I tell you what.

I mention this to illustrate the boy's love for food. He will try anything, wants to help cook, and loves all kinds of food. So when he asked me to help him start his own blog I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that he wanted to call it "Big Burger," and write about food.

Go leave him a comment, he needs to be encouraged to write!

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  1. I left him a comment, which was so easy to do, because his new blog is very fun and cute and wonderful and blah blah I'm guessing you must be so proud of him! Love you -- Mom


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