The Time Traveler's Wife

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Has anyone seen The Time Traveler's Wife? I am dying to hear from someone what they thought of it. I personally can't go see it because it is one of my most beloved books and I can't stand the thought of it being made dumb and sappy like Under the Tuscan Sun.

I don't usually review books, and I don't usually recommend this one to friends because it has some seriously bad language.

The story of Claire and Henry though speaks straight to my heart. To me it's a metaphor for how love can be desperately hard and how what you love about a person can be intrinsically wrapped up in their weaknesses. It reminds me that love isn't bound by time, that it's eternal, and that it is worth the waiting and worrying and helplessness you can sometimes feel.

And that my friends is why I don't like to review books. Way too much sappy information. Sorry.

Let me make it up to you by RECOMMENDING two of my other all time favorite love stories. These are re-readers for sure.

The Samurai's Garden
Rose's Garden

And a majorly favorite love movie.

What Dreams May Come.

5 Responses to “The Time Traveler's Wife”

  1. As someone who LOVED the book (in spite of a couple of rather graphic scenes and the language), I can say that they movie stayed true to the spirit of the book. I was highly impressed with it. Of course they had to cut a lot out--that's the nature of the beast (there's no meeting her family for the first time at Christmas and so forth), but the core point, the essence of the story is intact. I was amazed that they managed to do that with such a complex story.

    I will say that they botched one short part that disappointment me, but that was an artistic choice they made, and I see why they did it even though I disagree with the choice.

    Overall, I think you'll like it and it's safe to watch if you like the book. My husband really enjoyed the book and he agrees with me on every count.

    (We both cried in the movie, FWIW. It was really well cast, really well done.)

  2. Hey Shelley...I LOVED this book too, but also don't recommend it to people. I feel the same way about the movie (the being scared to see it feeling), but if I can ever talk Dave into it I'm there.

    What Dreams May Come was such a great movie too. I remember feeling so much after watching that. We gotta rent that one again. I remember it was weird but with amazing messages.

    Ok, miss ya!

  3. Loved the book, not sure if I want to see the movie. Not here in Oz until November.

  4. I love the Samurai's Garden--I've read it like a gazillion times. Also, the Education of Little Tree--I think you'd like it.

    Also also, you are featured heavily in my next blog post. Very heavily, as in I stole pictures & stuff.

  5. Hey there, don't know if you'll see this comment cause the post is a couple weeks old, but I like to call this book "The best book I'll never tell anybody they should read." except my Mom. Cause I know she's even less prudy than I am. Which isn't very.

    Anyhow, I thought the movie was okay. I enjoyed it, but I didn't reread the book (on purpose, so I wouldn't compare all the details). I went in knowing it is almost impossible to translate beautiful writing (unless it is a play) into film. It becomes all about plot. I thought the movie people did a fairly good job stirring up my emotions, but I wondered if their relationship seemed believable to people who hadn't read the book. They sort of jumped in the deep end at the beginning.

    I didn't weep uncontrollably for like an hour after the movie was over, like when I finished the book, but maybe that would have changed had it been a rental?

    One of my favorite books is Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, which began life as somebody's Master's thesis. The Duchess movie was based on it, but I didn't expect much. Turns out, they had me at the costumes. I'm fairly indiscriminate with movies.

    I loved Samurai's Garden, too. If they made a movie, I'd go.


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