A New Katherine Neville Book = Christmas

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I finished The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. It didn't grab me the way The Davinci Code did, but I'm not sure if that's because it wasn't as good or just because I've read so much Dan Brown now.

What I did love was the part about the collective power of our minds to actually make things happen. I believe in this. Lots of people do right, or there wouldn't be prayer groups and the law of attraction and such?

So I looked online and there are several "pray for peace" days organized by different groups that invite anyone to join. Cool, yes?

And back to the book, if you like Dan Brown, read Katherine Neville.

OH MY GOSH, I just went to get you the link and she has a new book!!!! I have been waiting like ten years for her to write a new book! Must go to amazon now. Now, now, NOW.

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  1. Yes me too it didn't grab me and I really do think its because I need a break from his books! My husband loved it a lot more than me.


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