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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marc is making us give up television. To be fair, when we decided to cancel Dish I was on board with the plan. Our family watches vast and massive amounts of stupid television and none of us really have the self control to turn it off and do other things.

Marc and I discussed how we would like to use our time in the evenings to plan, play with our kids, visit with each other, and do other great and good works. We decided that our main problem is that in spite of our best intentions, by eight o'clock we are crazy tired and we will always pick door number one with lay on the couch and watch DVR-ed shows behind it.

So we're cutting off the juice.

And like I said, I was in favor of this right up until today when the screen went blank. And now I am in a mild state of anxiety and unease. Where are my shows? My comfy, funny, lovely shows?

I called Marc at work to tell him that the TV really goes bye-bye when you cancel and he was all, "good." But wait until he gets home. I predict he is not going to like this quiet one little bit.

So we'll see how it goes. I wonder if we will be able to stay all granola virtuous or if we will cave in. Besides gaining more productive time, not having to listen to the Disney Channel,and purging our brains of all that prime time junk, the main benefit I see to dumping the tube is that I will get to brag about how myfamily never watches TV and act slightly superior.

I'm not at all sure it will be worth it.

What about you? PLEASE leave a comment and tell me if you've had any success with limiting TV for you and your kids.

6 Responses to “The Magic Box”

  1. Rather than take it away, we've making the kids EARN their favorite shows...but that isn't working so well for us. There is just only so much I can take with 100+ temps, two screaming children and a hubby who works from home. I usually cave in by about 3:30 with a favorite movie or NickJR. Keep us posted on how long you hold out.

  2. We don't have TV--haven't for a long time--we just have the ol' interweb. You can get most prime time shows for free online, and it saves a crazy amount of money. (Just don't tell your kids) You can waste almost as much time watching your shows this way.

  3. Let me know when you haven't seen your kids for a week because they're over at the house next door watching that family's TV. That's what happened in the '50s when my parents refused to by one of those new-fangled television thingies. Karen and I simply moved across the street.

  4. Yes, I know that "by" is spelled "buy," but I don't know how to go back and edit my comment.

  5. We have never really had TV (meaning no fancy cable channels just local network stuff and once or twice throughout the years no TV at all) so truthfully watching WAY too much has never really been a big issue.

    But when we got our first video game thingy (Wii) last year I thought perhaps it might take over, but I think because they were so used to little TV, even that has not been too bad. They play on it every couple of weeks I suppose. Really I doubt your kids will even notice it is gone after a while....Go for it!!!

  6. I really miss you and want call you, but darn can't find your number (plus, massive amounts of searching would overwhelm new mom me). Love Love your posts. Can you email me your number. Love brandy


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