Chalkboard Paint Project

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Definitely I should be doing something besides blogging. I could set up quicken, fold the baskets of laundry in my room, or mop (I REALLY ought to mop). I could wash the dog or clean up the breakfast room. My room needs to be dusted too. Probably you have stuff to do besides read blogs, so I guess that makes us even. I suggest we both concentrate on ignoring unpleasant tasks and enjoy our computer time!

Anyway, a few weeks ago I painted the door to my kitchen with chalkboard paint. Lots of people in blogland have been using chalkboard paint in their homes, but I think they all did it like a year ago. Not only am I a copy cat, I'm a slow copy cat. Oh well, I like it a lot. The benefit of being slow is that I could ignore all of the recipes for homemade chalk paint and go strait to buying it at ACE, where they are also about a year behind everyone in blogland.

I used to write reminders to myself on my hand; it worked well for me because I am infinitely good at losing little bits of paper and forgetting to look at my calendar. Then I got to an age where it feels embarrassing to have things scribbled on my hand, a lovely French manicure would be so much more appropriate. But the kitchen door/chalk board works a lot like writing on my hand. I see the same important message several times a day, and it stays there until I wash it off.

Since I painted both sides I have room to put the week's menu and the small's chore charts on it too. Jonathan really likes seeing what I plan (I use the term loosely) to make for dinner during the week. He was inspired to hug the door when he saw "flank steak" up there.

4 Responses to “Chalkboard Paint Project”

  1. I haven't tried chalkboard paint, but I have used magnetic paint. Have you? I used it on a wall in my daughter's bedroom so she could hang all those special papers she is not able part with.

  2. Oh, honestly. Your home just keeps getting better and better. I just really love this latest improvement! I would hug the door if you wrote "tortilla chips and salsa" on it. Right this minute.

  3. I'm loving this idea! I'm tempted to do this to all my kids' bedroom doors so I can leave reminders and other notes to them.

  4. How fun! What a great idea! Looks good.
    Do you wanna come make flank steak at my house? :)


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