A Load of Books

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I spent a bunch of time today trying to make my family room bookshelves look good. It doesn't seem like it should be that hard, but all my attractive tasteful looking books are in the living room built ins and the books that are left to make their way in the family room are the sad, tatty paper backs that I can't stand to part with. It's hard to make them look good even with candles and creative color coordinated stacking. I love The Man Who Ate the 747, obviously I can't part with it, even if the cover does look like this:

I ended up editing out a TON of children's picture books that Ellie doesn't look at any more. This was bittersweet and I comforted myself by keeping two shelves full of baby books that I'm saying are for my grandbabies. Weird. But viola!

6 Responses to “A Load of Books”

  1. It's soooo hard to get rid of books!! Your shelf looks great!

  2. Love the new arrangement. And, love that you sort of slipped a book-to-read recommendation in there as well. I'll be getting my copy of The Man Who Ate the 747 shortly. ... Because, if you love it, I know I will love it.

  3. This is a totally foreign concept to me. I must absolutely pack each shelf to the point when it is time to put a book back, it takes a few minutes to squeeze it back in. This pic inspired me to purge!

  4. I'm with your friend Jen...I guess I need your help! Wanna come over?


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