It's All Complaining

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am sad because part of not paying an even bigger chunk of taxes was making a contribution to our 401K thingie. And for some reason, like we are poor planners, I wasn't planning on it. But then Marc said we had to do it anyway even if I had all kinds of vacation fantasies for that money.

But now it's gone until we are sixty-gasp-five.

I try to comfort myself by saying that it has gone to a better place where it can grow and get better. It is safe from accidental spending. Marc says I talk like it has gone to the Celestial Kingdom.

I am also sad because we had the stomach flu for the last week. Today even my dog is throwing up. Grossness! I keep cleaning and it keeps coming. But at least I can make him stay outside and barf...which unfortunately doesn't work with my kids seeing as how they can open the door and all.

As long as I'm discussing things that bug let's just go for it.

I am tired of my car lights burning out.

I'm sick of people saying diet coke dehydrates you (ICE people!).

There are a ton of restaurants right here in my own home town of Walnut Creek that I haven't been to and I know I won't get to for a long time because of budget constrictions and I tell you what, it REALLY chaps my hide!

I wish my car had a rear horn so I could honk back at people who honk at me.

And finally, what is wrong with Modern Family that they can't get a new episode up every week? Laziness, that's what I call it!

And one more thing, I want a tassel for my hutch but I don't want to make it OR buy it. It should just appear.

My friend Shawni always writes positive and uplifting things on her blog. If I have bummed you out in anyway, you should find her in my sidebar and go over there. Go.

It's so annoying to be responsible for other people's feelings. Meh.

3 Responses to “It's All Complaining”

  1. I love your posts. You made my day.

  2. No apologies necessary....we all need a good purge once in a while!

  3. Sorry about the puke eh, but funny post...thanks for the chuckle at your expense!



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