Tips For Planting Succulents Indoors

Thursday, May 26, 2016

tips for growing succulents inside
Here is what I know: I love succulents, you love succulents, we love succulents...but they have proven darn hard to keep alive inside our homes! Happy patio succulents? Sure. Gracing our coffee tables and bookshelves? Not so much.

But we want them on our tables and shelves; they are so pretty and interesting and let's just admit it on trend.

With this burning desire I have researched tons of articles online trying to glean the secrets that might end my reign as a plant killer. I'm not going to pretend to know it all now, but I have managed to keep my little group of Costco succulents alive and in my house for over a month now. They are even growing.

I've applied three tips that I've gained from my reading and pestering of people who know.
1. Plant them properly for growing indoors. More details on that in a minute.

2. Only water when the soil is dry, approximately once a week and water low to the soil because the leaves don't like to be wet. I used to use a mister but now I pour a little water near the base of each plant in the container.

3. Place your succulents in a room where they will get plenty of indirect light.

My directions for how to plant a terrarium for indoors are primarily from Leaf and Clay. It is a fabulous website with TONS of information on succulents. I keep going back for advice and if you are serious about growing succulents their blog is an excellent resource.

So here is a summary of what I learned there.
how to plant succulents indoors
Start with a container you like. This method assumes that your container won't have drainage which is nice and allows for a lot of freedom to choose whatever you think is pretty. Here are some of my favorites from around the interwebs :-)
These little air plant containers are actually pretty cheap at the craft store.
mason jar terrarium
Mason jars! I need to get on this; I have tons of jars left from Maddie's wedding.
I can't find the link for the original source of this photo but lets just all agree that these geometric planters are fabulous!
succulents in apothacary
And apothecary jars, I just have to toss out all the hotel soaps that are in mine right now :-)

Start by filling the bottom with rocks or pebbles. This gives the water a place to drain to so the roots don't sit in wet soil and rot. Yay.

Add about an inch of activated charcoal. 

Top with a layer of moss. The moss keeps the soil from sneaking down into the rocks.

Now put in your special for cacti and succulent potting soil. Leave room for your plants and and a final layer of soil.

Leaf and clay recommends that when you transplant a succulent to the new container you "gently loosen the roots, brushing away old soil." I did do this although as I brushed away soil I'm afraid some of the roots went along with it. I guess I'm just saying to be careful my friend.

Dampen your dirt sparingly and then place the succulent in a shallow hole in the new container and stabilize with more soil.
Most of the articles I read recommend that you now wait at least a week before you water your baby plant.

As a final touch I like to add a layer of rocks over the top of the soil, and, if you want, a gnome. I cannot think of any reason why you would skip the gnome.
succulent garden with gnome

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  1. My costco succulents all died, but I think it was the little hands that were constantly harassing them...


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