My Non-Traditional Emergency Car Kit

Friday, May 13, 2016

So you all know what an emergency car kit has in it, stuff like flares, and flashlights and reflective vests etc. And clearly we should all have those things, but, frankly, the kind of emergency I regularly encounter in my car has nothing to do with mechanics or breaking down. 


The kind of emergency that happens to me more and more frequently these days is one where I flip down my mirror visor to check my lipstick and the sun shines it's happy rays across my face and Oh. My. Freaking. Gosh. There is ANOTHER stupid neck hair glowing away on me.

Marc hates when I say this, but sometimes I feel like Jonathan and I are in a race to see who can grow a beard first, the 17 year old young man in the throws of puberty, or the 45 year old pre-menopausal woman.

I'm very uncomfortable with winning. Which is why I invented my emergency car kit!
The emergency car kit addresses some of my most common and reoccurring car emergencies. I sound like a total infomercial babe don't I? Cool.  Feast your eyes ladies and (I kind of hope just ladies) on all the fabulous products found in The Patented Shelley Emergency Car Kit for Women Over Forty:
First and foremost, TWEEZERS, for the neck hairs. Those hairs are very sneaky and dishonest. I can't even see them when I'm getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror. They lie in wait until I'm in my car where they feel like it's safe to reveal themselves but now BAM! I can get them with my tweezers. Take that stupid hairs!

I also like to keep a mini mani set in there because sometimes, when I'm stressed, I can really do a number picking at my nails and cuticles. But with my little kit sitting right there then when I'm waiting at school pick up or whatever I can file down any rough spots, use the cuticle trimmer to cut any hangnails and rub in some hand cream if I happen to have lizard hands just then.

And Bonus! The average red light is scientifically proven to be just the right amount of time to massage a bit of cuticle cream into your dry nail beds making your hands look so much better.

I also keep a package of make-up removing wipes in case along with the renegade hair I notice I've got raccoon eyes, because that IS an emergency, a little hair brush, and eye drops because I have the worst eyeball allergies ever.

You might be wondering why I don't just keep all of this in my purse. Well for one, my purse is already full enough, although there are some duplicates, mainly the hairbrush and eye drops. But the main reason is because having everything right there in my dash makes taking care of these little "emergencies" so much easier for me.
That's like, a live action shot of my kit doing it's job, ever at the ready to rescue me!

So what about you? Anything you can think of to add to the kit? I'd love to hear your ideas.

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