Girls Trip to Napa

Friday, May 20, 2016

Last weekend I was in Napa with my two gorgeous friends, Leah and Lacie. The weekend was mainly organized by Lacie, and I believe she has a future as a travel agent or maybe cruise director on a very fancy, very expensive ship. I was awesome. Okay, I see that typo, I meant to say "It was awesome," but I'm leaving that Freudian slip in there because I was awesome-I am EXCELLENT at dining, shopping, laughing, spa-ing, and I found a fabulous pair of sandals too. 

When she first texted our itinerary I immediately texted back that I loved it so much I would marry it. We stayed at the beautiful Meritage Resort. I didn't get a great photo of how lovely it is but I did steal this one from the internets. 

And this one.
It was a little too breezy for us to lay out but we did enjoy sitting by the fountain and telling inappropriate stories.
On Saturday we went to a little spa in Calistoga and had massages and mud wraps. Because mud wraps were on my bucket list. Don't judge! It was super fun and very relaxing but to be honest, I don't think they do much as a beauty treatment. It is supposed to be like a giant clay mask that detoxifies your whole body. Maybe it did, I don't know how you would tell, but I didn't feel any different.

We took a picture but I'm not sharing it. 

No, you can't talk me in to it.

Here, look at this one.
This is Celadon, where we had lunch on Friday.

And this is at the Calistoga Inn where we had lunch after the spa.
It's a hard life, but somebody has to live it. Later we did some shopping in adorable St. Helena. 
image via
There is a fantastic chocolate store with all handmade chocolates, called Woodhouse Chocolate.
The chocolates are $2 a piece but SO yummy!
We also went in a shop with this giant sparkly dragon.
I LOVE dragons, but I still want to know who buys this and where do they put it? I've never been in anyone's home with something this, ah, magnificent. Marc tells me it will not be in our home...

There were plenty of great, clothing and jewelry shops too. My favorite was a home store with a huge collection of John Derian plates that left me drooling and wishing I had room to add to my plate wall.

But really, the best part of the trip was getting to talk about everything under the sun with these two fantastic women. We laughed so hard, dissected our parenting strengths and weaknesses, shared make-up and shoes, revealed some of our most difficult struggles and kept telling each other how much we love each other.

They both made me feel so loved and accepted and valued. Let's end with my favorite photo from the trip.
I call it, "I don't know why my eyes are closed, but so what, I'm dating two super models."

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  1. I love you Shelly! And Leah!! And I don't know you Lacie, but you've got to be awesome if you're friends with these two ladies <3


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