How to Make A Lavender Sachet for Mother's Day

Monday, May 2, 2016

Lavender Sachet DIY
I listed these sweet little lavender sachets in my etsy shop on Friday, but they are so fun to make I thought I'd write up a tutorial in case you want to sew some yourself. They make the sweetest Mother's Day gifts; the lavender smells so fresh and good, they are dainty and a tiny bit old fashioned, and they make you feel like a lady when you tuck one in your drawer or under your pillow. They are a lovely little gift on their own and are super sweet tied onto another package.

I was originally inspired by this photo I found on Pinterest,

but the instructions are in French, which I speak about as well as Joey.
So I had to figure it out myself. Here's how you do it...

1. Cut 3" fabric strips from two fabrics. One needs to be a thicker fabric like the burlap-ish one I chose here to be able to hold the eyelet. If you use two quilting weight cottons then you'll need to use interfacing per the eyelet kit instructions to stabilize the fabric.
2. Sew the strips right sides together along one edge. Open up and iron the seams toward the darker fabric.

3. Fold the fabric in half length wise and cut out two tag shapes using paper pattern.
I printed this picture, cut it out, and used it as my pattern.
4. Leave about a 1/8" seam allowance around the pattern as you cut.
5. Sew a small piece of lace over the seam of both pieces of the sachet.

6. Place right sides together and sew around the edge leaving the entire bottom open for filling with lavender. Turn the sachet right side out using a chop stick or pencil to gently push out all of the corners. Be careful not to poke a hole through the seam!

7. Use an eyelet plier kit (link to the one I used here) to poke a hole through both layers of fabric and to insert the eyelet. I took the below photo before I learned that the eyelet won't stay in the quilting cotton unless it's been stabilized with interfacing. After that all my sachets have the burlap fabric on the top.
8. Fill the sachet with lavender. The easiest way is to leave the entire bottom of the sachet open and just spoon in the lavender. I tried leaving a smaller opening and pouring the lavender in through a paper funnel and it was not nearly as quick and clever as I imagined it was going to be. In fact, it was kind of a pain.
Again, I recommend just leaving the whole bottom open, and after adding two tablespoons of lavender either whip stitch the bottom closed by hand or sew it closed with your machine.

If you want to make these for Mother's Day you'll need to buy lavender locally, I found some in the tea section of Sprouts Market; if you just want to make some there are great deals on organic died lavender on Etsy. Just search for dried lavender.
Sew a Lavender Sachet
If you'd like to buy some of the ones I made you can order a set of three for $19 here and I will wrap them beautifully and send them off to your sweet mom so she can have sweet dreams.

Use the coupon code MOM10 for 10% off at checkout until May 4th.
How to Make a Lavender Sachet
Happy Sewing and Happy Mother's Day!

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