Pretty Little Tea Party

Monday, July 16, 2012

Begin with dessert!
Once I wrote about my obsession love of dishes. It's a thing I tell you. And apparently I've given it to my daughters. All three of them have insisted on hosting tea parties primarily for the joy of setting a beautiful table. We are not really showing off, we just love our dishes so much that we want to share them (temporarily of course, if a guest tried to take one we'd hissy)and having a party gives us the perfect excuse to get those lovely china cups and plates out and play with them. Here is the post from when Ellie had her party.

And for her 19th birthday Maddie wanted to have her own soiree. Having raised children as food motivated as I am I shouldn't have been surprised that the menu she put together was a little fussy. 

I spent the morning making cucumber sandwiches with spreadable Swiss cheese and prosciutto, puff pastry bites with salami, Dijon, and baby lettuce, egg salad sandwiches with bacon and avocado, and goat cheese triangles with toasted pecans and red pepper jelly. It was fun. And I didn't have to help Marc and Jonathan scrape and patch the house in preparation for our big paint project. Poor Jonathan, he kept begging to come help me.

I have a lot of cups and saucers and Maddie had a good dilemma choosing which ones to use. 

Here she is with her cute friends.
And with Louie, who we are babysitting for three weeks.
It was so fun planning and executing this with her. My talents are not in the preforming arena (AT ALL) and doing this with her felt like passing down something I'm good at and maybe teaching her at the same time. Because throwing a great tea party is a relevant life skill, no?  

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  1. Love, love, love, love, LOVE! How did I not see this post before? You are the best mommy!!! What a fun tea party! I have the luckiest niece. :)


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