Doggy Sittting Can Be Fun

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We are doggy sitting for my friend Kristine. She and her family are in Utah for three weeks. It's where all the Mormons go for vacation I guess.

I ended up volunteering to watch Louie, a miniature Pinscher, kind of on accident. Before doggy sitting I didn't actually like him all that much. I'm not a real fan of tiny, yippy dogs; I've been known to refer to them as "rats on a leach." Is that bad?

Also, Louie doesn't make the best first impression. See, Kristine and I have to meet together every other week because of our church assignments, and we would always do it at her house because she has small smalls. Two other women meet with us and every time someone would arrive at the door Louie would go berserk yipping and jumping and nipping. He is like a circus dog and jumps around really quick and feisty!

So I wasn't completely in love with him.

But at our last meeting I asked Kristine how things were going getting ready for her trip and then she got this panicky look and said things were fine except she didn't have a sitter for Louie. 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. And then WORDS! Words started coming out of my mouth and I couldn't even stop them! While my brain was thinking, "Marc is gonna kill me!" my mouth was saying, "I can watch him." "Bad, bad, bad!" my brain was thinking, "It will be no problem," my mouth was saying. Why does that happen?

But, it has ended up being great! It turns out Louie is a little sweetheart as long as a bunch of strange women aren't all up in his business. And I think Riley likes having him here too. They share kibble, freely eating from each others dishes like the best of doggy friends.

And my kids LOVE him to death. He likes to snuggle under the covers and be carried around like a baby so that makes everyone a fan. The only bad(ish) part is that I have to watch him outside or he'll wander way off. So when I'm sitting outside watching both dogs sniff around looking for the penultimate place to poop I do wonder what I'm doing. But other than that it has been great, so great that I kind of want to keep him. Enough that I am wondering about getting a dog like him. But my brain is telling me "Marc will kill me."

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