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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Getting ready to paint, bright and early and bushy tailed!
There is a story about a farmer who has his young sons taking care of his horses. A neighbor comes by to let him know that his horses would fare better if the farmer, with his greater experience, took care of the horses himself. The farmer replies that he will continue to leave the horses to his sons because he's "not raising horses."

Well, Marc and I aren't raising daughters, we are raising paint ninjas dipped in awesome sauce! They have been such a huge help as we tackle the gargantuan task of painting the exterior of our house. Yesterday afternoon (the second day of prep) I muttered, "okay, who has a match? Let's just burn it down and get the insurance money." That's how challenging this has been. 

I know Maddie and Katie are exhausted (and we're not done yet) but some day, when those sweet girls have an abode of their own with a hue that makes them want to cry, they can call and ask their little mom to come and help them paint and I will gladly say, "Oh! Kay!"

This I promise, here on the internet for all to witness.

I also promise pictures of our monster house soon but I'm just too darn tired to do it now.

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