Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I love my friend Dayna. Partly because she is a teensy bit crazy (in a good way). At our church Halloween party she decided to tell Ellie that if you find a tootsie roll wrapper that has a picture of an Indian shooting an arrow at a star you can turn it in for a prize.

After Ellie wandered off I hissed, "What are you doing?! Now she's gonna be bugging me for a prize!"

"I know," she said nodding her head vigorously, her eyes big and round and a smile from ear to ear, "I'm gonna make her a prize!"

Dayna has four kids of her own. And her husband's the bishop. Obviously she has too much time on her hands.

"Are you on cocaine?" I asked. Dayna doesn't really sleep. She texts me at 2 in the morning.

Between Halloween and Christmas Dayna brought our family at least three different homemade treats including amazing-better-than-anything-from-a-store toffee. I won't tell you how many homemade treats I made for her family but it rhymes with "hero." And each time she showed up I would look her sternly in the eyes and tell her to go tell Ellie that THIS was her prize (I'm her friend; I was trying to help her).

But each time she'd smile and nod and do the big eye thing and tell me that no, she had something special in mind for Ellie. Specialer than homemade toffee? What could that even be?

I'll show you what.
Last night she showed up with these for Ellie. Are you jealous? I'm jealous. Let's start collecting our tootsie roll wrappers and be ready for next year!

2 Responses to “Dayna-Dayna-BO-Bayna”

  1. Oh Shelley, you are too kind. I am so glad you moved here. I think it was just for me! I love you and your family. And I will make you treats anytime! Even if I am a little crazy :) Thanks for coming with me today!

  2. This is such a beautiful story, beautifully written. Meesh, I am so glad you've found Dayna in your no-longer-exactly-new life in California.


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