Maddie is Sweet Sixteen

Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomorrow Maddie thinks she is going to turn 16. She's pretty excited about it.

Personally, I can barely stand it. I've pretty much been an emotional mess all week what with Katie graduating from middle school and Maddie trying to turn 16. I realized I'm at the end of my rope when I started crying during the fourth graders rendition of The Climb, by Miley Cirus. Lame.

But back to Maddie, my first baby, my sweetheart. She really does have a heart of gold and is such a good mini mom. There are so many reasons why her dad and I are proud of her, but the main one is probably her commitment to the things she believes in.

She has a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and all of her life radiates from that. How could I be any happier? She is sweet (okay, mostly) to her sibs, helpful to me, kind, fair (fair is a huge deal with her), smart, fun and funny. She doesn't care too much what other people think and I love that about her too. And on that note....herrrrrrrre's Maddie:

Favorite movie? Transformers

Favorite book? Too many to choose

Place she'd most like to visit? Probably Japan

Best place to eat out? Sushi places, or potbelly's

Most loved item of clothing? Purple skinny jeans (rock on!)

Best friend or lots of friends? Best friend

Morning or night? Night

Beach or snow? Snow (I don't believe her)

Favorite band? Linkin Park

Best thing on TV? So You Think You Can Dance (loves Pushing Daisies, too)

What makes you mad? People who are mad for stupid reasons (she doesn't mean me I hope)

What are you going to be when you grow up? A mom, or a high school teacher

I also happen to know that she has a ma-jor sweet tooth, it takes a lot of sugar to keep this sweetie going.

I love you little face! Happy Sweet Sixteen!

9 Responses to “Maddie is Sweet Sixteen”

  1. Love the interview! Hope her birthday's great. Stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community :)

  2. Wow 1st let me just say that I LOVE your new look of your BLOG! Way to make the move to Blogger.
    2nd Is this really true. Can you (and Mark) be this old? Wow has she grown into a beauty. Mark better get a gun or somthing intimadating to throw the boys away from her.
    Good luch with that one and dating..hee hee xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to your Maddie! My Maddie is turning 2 :)I still have a ways to go..haha
    Stopping by to Welcome you to SITS!!

  4. Happy Sweet 16 Maddie!!

    (sorry Mama)

    Welcome to SiTS! Em

  5. Happy birthday, Maddie!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS! We're happy to have you with us!

    I have a question though. You wrote that Maddie THINKS she's turning 16.... is that a typo, or is there a sorted mystical past that you're keeping from her????

    I need links to these details, please! :)

  6. Happy sweet 16 Maddie!
    I love the title of your blog, sounds to me like something out of a spongebob episode. My daughters love spongebob. *rolling eyes* lol
    Stoppin by to say welcome to the SITSahood! We have a great group of ladies and we're glad to have you aboard!


  7. Visiting from SITS as a Welcomista, Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.
    Barnacle Butt, so funny!!

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