The Grass

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our friends at the Bain Household have asked me to post more of Jonathan's videos. Here then, are his musical stylings in "The Grass."

5 Responses to “The Grass”

  1. soooooo funny and you can show to girls when his 16 or at a party in his honor. Joys now and joys to come.

  2. This seriously made my day! I don't think I've ever seen a funnier 2 minute musical in my life. FABULOUS! And yes, I do need to update my blog... one day. But I will for sure add Vegas pictures, I promise. I love your blog and I think you will be my inspiration. I totally understand the barnacle butt too! That is me all the way. I'm glad we get to be blog buddies!

  3. That is the funniest, cutest most precious video, "The Grass." I loved seeing his little fingers as he blocked us from the horrors...great voice.

  4. This deserves a much wider audience! U-Tube, for example. Love -- Grandma Diana

  5. Thank you, thank you, for posting part two of the amazing Singing Jonathon. I think he should contact Spielberg -- he may have a future in film! Let me know if you discover any other hidden kids and I are still singing about the hand named Bob :)


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