Fat Flush Diet

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I know I said I wasn't going to talk about my weight issues, but that was just a lie. Today was Marc's and my first day on the Fat Flush Diet and it turns out I'll have to write about it since it's the only thing on my mind. Whenever I try to loose weight it turns out the only thing I can think about is food.

And yes I know that Weight Watchers is the best way to go, but I needed something to really give us a jump start and I like this plan because it cuts out all the "bad" foods. I want to see how Marc feels when he isn't eating any of the foods he used to allergic to.

I also like that we get to jump on the trampoline. That's one of the plan "rules," really. When Marc and I were out jumping at 6:30 this morning I started laughing and couldn't stop. Can you create a mental picture of two old fat people out bouncing around in their work out clothes. We have no grace or balance and after about a minute Marc announces, "oh yea, here come the farts."

2 Responses to “Fat Flush Diet”

  1. Hi Shelley, stopping by from SITS to say hello! : ) Cute blog!

  2. visiting from SITS and I'm so glad because we're in the same boat over here. My daughter and I are getting ready to do Wii Fit tonight.


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