A Room with (too much) a View

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So I am continuing to shamelessly copy the Nester. She does window "mistreatments,"...with a glue gun...and upholstery tacks. I think I'm in love.

Here is my sad, naked, bathroom window. My mom, who is usually really nice about any decorating/cleaning deficiencies I might have, called it the "weirdest bathroom ever." Yes indeed when you use "Le toilette" at my house you have a view.
I have wondered what to do about that for the eight months we've lived here. We tell ourselves things like, "no one's out there," and "if they want to see something that bad, go ahead." I considered stenciling some profound saying above the window like, "You enjoy the view, and the view enjoys you."

We haven't hung anything because the curtains I like are always so expensive, and apparently I'd rather imagine I'm invisible than hang something I don't like. But the Nester convinced me that I could make some clothes for this poor window. After reading several of her window posts I decided to see if I could mistreat my window using fabric I already have and spending less than $20 on hardware. It had to be done with no sewing too.

And here it is...nice, huh?

A lot of my fabric stash didn't make it to California, but I rummaged around and found this muslin left over from making bloomers for trek, and the blue fabric is from valances I made for our bedroom back in Laramie, 17 years ago. I actually measured and sewed back then but my standards are WAY lower now.

And I'm totally okay with that!Now I can feel all safe and private like in our bathroom, you know, until a kid walks in on me.

5 Responses to “A Room with (too much) a View”

  1. saw your comment on Nester, loved your description of your blog, so I came over and I think your window treatment is SUPER cute! Well done!

  2. Came here via Nesting Place...your mistreatments are very lovely! My goodness...that IS an interesting window for the bathroom!

  3. I just clicked over here from the Nesters site. Great job! You are too funny, I like your "about me" That described me to a 'T'! I'll be back. :-)

  4. Honestly, Meesh -- It's too bad The Nester is already doing this site, because YOU are so capable of doing it yourself! I love your window mistreatments AND the way you describe the situation. And, thanks for turning me on to the Nester. Love her site. I'm getting too hooked on blogs myself, thanks to you. Love you!

    Mom (Not the one who called the "Before" bathroom weird, but the one is is so excited to be seeing it in a few weeks...)

  5. Love the 'mistreatment'! It looks really nice and finished. Can you pleae provide step-by-step instructions for DIY newbies like me? Thanks!


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