Remedial Freezer Jam

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Strawberry Freezer Jam the airhead way:

1. Want to make jam because your leftover berries are getting mushy. Look up recipe online and figure it looks easy peasy.

2. Start to squish up berries but get bored and decide to "pulse" them using silver bullet mini prep thingie. End up with berry frappe but don't care. Whose gonna see it, the Jam Police?

3. Read that you need four cups of sugar but are surprised to discover that you only have two cups (eyeball it) in the sugar container.

4. Dump it in, taste, feel that it is sweet enough.

5. Begin to boil pectin in water. Notice that pectin box says to "carefully measure sugar or jam may not set properly."

6. Scowl.

7. Imagine that powdered sugar is not so different from regular sugar so sprinkle in two more "eyeball" cups. Obviously unable to reach measuring cups because must continue stirring boiling pectin.

8. Observe that powdered sugar doesn't really want to mix into berries. Frown! Whisk!

9. Realize pectin has begun to cool but cross fingers and pour it into berries anyway.

10. Ladle jam (smells good) into containers and hope.

11. Consider printing jam labels that read, "Although freezer jam contains only four ingredients, it is still highly likely that this jam will taste weird. Love, Shelley"

3 Responses to “Remedial Freezer Jam”

  1. It was absolutely "delicioso" on my oatmeal this morning. You are a mighty fine airhead chef.

  2. ROFL!!! You totally moved from our ward too soon! I taught this at enrichment last night. I love your blog and reading your adventures. We miss the Fosses.

  3. Just make sure you rinse your jars before you give them to your good friend who makes this jam for you. Then you won't break your tooth like I did!!


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