It's So My Party

Thursday, May 21, 2009

So I'm just going to own right up to my dorkiness and tell you that I love my birthday. Even though I am way past the point where getting older gets you anything good like dates or voting or being able to sit in bars.

I love it when my friends take me to lunch (Jan and Leslie), or drop off gifts (Heytar), or meet me at Chick-fil-a (Paige). I think I am so fancy special that my family pretty much has to treat me like the birthday princess for the whole week. Is this unattractive in someone my age? Don't answer that; I'm not changing.

This is super extra dorky silly...I was a little worried that since I haven't been in California very long, my birthday might be a little lean. I mean, I haven't been here long enough for everyone to really grasp the very specialness of my birthday. And I obviously can't tell people (except Marc, I tell him all kinds of stuff). They have to just know.

But it has not been lean; it has been GREAT! I have been LOVED. I am so lucky!

On Wednesday my sweet friend Katie had me over for a beautiful lunch on her resort like patio and served black bean soup, tomato and mozzarella salad, sandwiches, and (whisper) chocolate. She inspired me with her excitement to home school her daughter with Aspergers and her dedication to figuring out this fun, creative, girl's "puzzle". She reminded me what a blessing it is to be a mother.

Then yesterday I spent the day with my very own "mom-lette." Sweet! We had lunch in Berkley with my Dad, and we completely explored Tuesday Morning and came away with new area rugs for our family rooms...and yes, mine was a present. I know; I am shameless.

And today the darling Dayna and I will be volunteering for Civil War Day at the middle school, but she called earlier in the week to tell me that it would also be our birthday date! Yes!

And FINALLY, the smalls and Marc have promised me the Saturday of my dreams. Here's what it entails: clean patio, clean car, clean kitchen chairs, and clean family room windows. Yes, you can totally copy me when it's your birthday. In fact, I hope I can help make yours as delightful as mine!

4 Responses to “It's So My Party”

  1. Hey Birthday Girl! I always call it "The Birthday Season," and I think you should, too. Because I'll be there next month, hauling your birthday presents from San Diego and prepared to take you out to celebrate... wait for it... AGAIN! -- Love you! Mom

  2. Ah, Shelley, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I miss you so very much. I am glad you have some people on that coast that understand about birthdays! By the way, I am a proponent of the month-long birthday celebration, not just a week. Think of it as a pyramid, two weeks before builds up to the peak, and the two weeks after very slowly coast back down to normal great life, special things should happen throughout! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, with all of your clean things gathered around you!

  3. Happy Birthday, Shell-Belle! I'm so sorry I can't take you to Chirk-a-lay this year but know that I will eat a nugget for you. Three cheers for family room rugs! Hip Hip---Hooray!
    Love and hugs!

  4. You absolutely crack me up! Your comments remind me of one of my all time favorite comic writers-Erma Bomback. Keep it up, I'll be back.


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