Laundry Mountain

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The laundry has been against me all week. It is sneaky. It gets in the washer but then won't get into the dryer and I have to wash it again because it gets stinky sitting in there overnight (who knows what it does down there in the dark).

I bring it up to the couch so it can watch TV for the afternoon, then move it to my bed to make room when the kids get home...(is my blog, can talk about laundry if I want).

I think some socks get lost along the way. When I go to bed I push the whole pile back into a basket and hope the dog leaves it alone.

Today is Wednesday, if I try really hard, maybe I can finish it and be done for a week. Hope was the only thing left in Pandora's box you know.

One Response to “Laundry Mountain”

  1. Nope--sorry. There's no finishing laundry, ever. Just managing it. It's like a chronic disease. You can't cure it--you just learn to manage and deal with it!


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