Tomato and Egg Dreams

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday we spent the day on chicken coop repairs and putting in the garden. I know, right? It's not how I picture me either. But the kids all helped and at the end of the day it felt great!
Our coop is obviously not one of the cute ones like in the "Hannah Montana Movie;" it is maybe 40 years old and made to hold two dozen chickens. Marc wrapped it in tons of new chicken wire, plus patched lots of holes and bricked up the bottom.

I love it that Marc can fix anything. I'm nervous about the chickens being safe from weasels (weasels!) or whatever racoonish animals are out there, but I think they should be secure, he worked very hard. I just really really want my chickens to be okay.
Tonight is their first night sleeping outside. Be safe little chicks!

While Marc and Jonathan were on coop duty, Ellie, Katie, and I were working on the garden. We cleared tons of weeds, hoed, spread chicken manure (that we bought for pete's sake and I can't give you a good reason why) and squished grubs. Very satisfying, I tell you what!

After running around to Jonathan's lacrosse game and Maddie's swim meet, we finally got the last plants in around 8pm. I chose seven tomato plants, summer squash, peppers, zucchini, eight ball squash (no idea, but they sound fun), crew neck squash and some herbs.
Last night I dreamed that it rained and rained and washed away all my plantletts, but this morning they were fine. I hope they sleep well tonight too, and dream of growing big, Big, BIG. With enough tomatoes for all my toast and some to give away.

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  1. I'm impressed with all the domesticity of your life in CA...chickens, a garden, horses. You could probably take down Marth Stewart if you put your mind to it :)


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