Teaching Moments

Friday, April 24, 2009

So we try to teach our children not to "take the Lord's name in vain." We explain that it's because we love Jesus and our Heavenly Father and we want to show our love for them by not using their names in casual or disrespectful ways.

It's pretty easy for me because I'm at home most of the time, but it can be hard for my tiny shinys since they hear "oh. my. God." all the time at school and on television. I really never hear the big kids say it anymore, but Ellie must be hanging out with someone who really likes the phrase because she has been saying it. A lot.

It may seem weird, but it kind of hurts my ears. So I explained again to her why we don't say it and my little sweetheart cried because she felt so bad. I told her that I wasn't mad and that we should try to think of something else she can say when she starts to say, "oh my..."

Here is what she came up with, "oh my cheesy noodle pants!"

I think we can really make this popular people. Let's all say it! Go on, it will make you smile.

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  1. Hi, I'm visiting from MMB.

    Totally funny! I am also looking for silly things to say too!


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