Cleaning Day

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Marc and I had a fantabulous time in Los Vegas and I have a bazillion pictures I want to show you PLUS give my reviews of the shows, food, and hotels we perused...but instead of being a good little blogger I spent the day cleaning.

I didn't start out planning to clean all day, but it was one of those things. One of those "oh, that cabinet needs to be wiped down," things that starts in the kitchen and ends with me wiping the baseboard behind the couch with an old sock. It's a good thing too, my ability to ignore dust is pretty honed and it was definitely time to tackle the dirt.

So Vegas tomorrow. It's gonna make you want to go.

Oooh, before I go I wanted to share two sweet things about my good buddy, Jonathan.

Isn't he so handsome?! I can say that can't I? It's not rude is it? I just think he is so cute!

Anyway, first thing, last night Jonathan was jonny-on-the-spot with making sure our family had our one minute of lights out for Earth Day. After running around the house making sure everything (including computers) was turned off, he hit the last light at 8:30pm and began timing us. I did not tell him that it was supposed to be an hour of lights out, one minute was enough for us!

The other sweet thing he did was this morning. After I had already packed her lunch, Ellie announced she wanted to buy today because it was "pancake day." So I said no, because I had already made her lunch. Then she cried because she hates it when she can't have her way (oh yes, she does).

Well while I was in the kitchen and Ellie was writhing on the couch, I noticed Jonathan out of the corner of my eye sliding up to Ellie and sneaking her a little lunch bag with some of his own money for her to buy pancakes. She threw her arms around him and cried, "you're the best brother ever!"

Don't you wish you could have a brother like that?

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