My Flock

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here is my little flock. As you can see, they are no longer babies. People keep asking me how our farmer fantasy is going and it is kind of embarrassing how I go on. I LOVE these dumb chickens.
It is so fun to watch them scratch around, and they are very friendly. They like to be picked up and petted. Who knew?

Marc and I will hopefully tackle chicken coop repairs this Saturday. I imagine it will take longer and cost more money than we expect, that's just our karma, but I'm looking forward to moving them out of the garage.

If you're thinking about going for it and have any questions, leave a comment and I'll tell you what (little) I know.

One Response to “My Flock”

  1. This is an experiment to see if I can leave a comment. LOVE the chicks. They are so cute. Can't wait to see photos of blue (I hope) eggs!


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