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Friday, July 28, 2017

Fall Baby Shower for a Girl
Last year I planned a baby shower for two of my dear friends, Leah and Lacie. They were both expecting little girls and they both love pretty pastels and florals. Since the shower was in October, I decided to go with the theme "Welcome Little Pumpkins." I love how everything came out so even though it's almost a year later I thought I'd post the photos and some tips for planning a girly, pumpkin-y fall baby shower.
Isn't this the cutest invite?! It's from Miss Pok-A-Dot's shop on Etsy. It's my favorite, and the one we used, but there are a lot of other sweet ones on Etsy. Try searching "pumpkin shower invitation" to see the widest range.
Fall girl baby shower themes
 Normal people cannot decorate all the areas of their home for a party. Or maybe just I cannot. Either way, I think you get the most bang for your buck by choosing to focus on decorating a few areas really well rather than spreading your decorations over the whole house. I decided to decorate my entryway, the food table, and my fireplace mantle.
For the entryway I taped up paper fans and a quicky banner that I made. Here's a link to similar paper fans. I also made some tissue paper pom poms that I hung there and over the table in the dining room. Here is a link explaining how to make the tissue fans, it's super easy but you can also buy them pre-folded for you on Etsy. I'm just cheap; I'd rather do the folding myself :-)
 The chalkboard was a last minute addition and although my chalk artwork is only meh, I did want to share my hack for making it. I simply took the glass out of a white frame I already had and put in a piece of black paper, then I wrote on it with a white paint pen. Easy peasy.
Double Baby Shower Girl
I love those two sweet moms SO MUCH!
More paper fans and a banner on the mantle. To make a quick and dirty banner I just stack my fabric and cut a bunch of triangles, then I sew the edges along a piece of coordinating ribbon.
fabric pumpkin
The last and best thing I did was make a ton of these fabric pumpkins in all different sizes. They were scattered on the food table, the drink buffet and the mantle. I already wrote a post about how to make them; please click here if you'd like instructions. They are very quick and easy to do.
Fall Girl Baby Shower decorations
People on Pinterest are able to color coordinate their food for parties. I am waaaaaay too invested in taste to sacrifice yumminess for all pink food. The best I can do is pink gum balls and pink sodas. C'est la vie!
pink pumpkin decorations

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  1. Undoubtedly THE prettiest most well put together shower I've ever seen!! ������

    1. With the two prettiest most well put together mamas I know!

  2. Thanks Shelley for sharing this beautiful pictures. I love the decoration. It was really so so beautiful


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