Up-cycle Fabric Pumpkins DIY

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You've noticed, of course, the beautiful plush fabric pumpkins featured all over blogland, yes? Me too! And I want some!

Turns out you can buy a set of three of these lovelies for $107. Well, you can maybe; I can't. But as I've said before, all things can be overcome with diligent obsessing!

So I started perusing google for how to make fabric pumpkins and when I found this picture, from this blog I knew I'd found my inspiration.
 Jamie, from "Scrap-bags" gives some fine instructions for making your own pumpkins, and when I saw her adorable vintage gourds I realized I could up-cycle some old clothes and  get me some fall fabulousness...for freeee! 

I started with an old shirt of Katie's and a dress that Maddie wore when she was little.

I followed Jamie's instructions and cut various rectangles that were twice as long as they were wide, so that when I folded one in half, it made a perfect(ish) square.
Next you put right sides together and sew the side opposite the fold closed.
From there it's a simple matter to gather one side with a running stitch, stuff that little guy, and then gather up the open end with another running stitch.
One more time,  click here for some really detailed, great directions. The final step is to wrap your darling squash with yarn or embroidery thread to make the pumpkin sections.
Oh wait,the final final step is to pretend your pretty pumpkins are America's Next Top Models and do a photo shoot... 

Look at these baby ones! I love them. 

This project was super fun and I got all of these done in a couple of hours in one evening. If you decide to make some, leave a link in the comments so we can all ooh and ahh. Happy Fall!

2 Responses to “Up-cycle Fabric Pumpkins DIY”

  1. Your adorable fabric pumpkins make me remember the time I made way too many throw pillows that looked like decorated Easter eggs ... and the time you made me a couple of really cool fabric Christmas trees that I still display every Christmas.

  2. Adorable! Your talents seem to have no end. I'm so happy you have a house to play with now! Love you.


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