One Day In L.A.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Last weekend we took a quick trip down to L.A. to visit Marc's family. Like, super quick; we drove down Friday afternoon, spent Saturday together, had hugs goodbye Sunday morning and were back home in the Bay Area by dinner time.

When we realized Jonathan and Ellie have different Spring breaks we decided we couldn't wait all the way until summer to see the fam so a quick trip was in order. 

Marc's sister Stephanie and her husband Blake were in town from Virginia so it was an extra good weekend to visit. We ended up staying in the very same hotel that Marc and I spent the first night of our honeymoon 25 1/2 years ago. Yes friends, that is where the magic happened. Ooo La La. It was super fun watching our kids squirm as we reminisced about how very romantic it was.

This beautiful tree was right outside our hotel.
On Saturday morning we had breakfast at Great Maple. It's such a pretty restaurant.
We were some of the first diners there and the fresh, as in hot and gooey, maple bacon doughnuts were so so yummy.
Great Maple
Just, I mean, come on! These were maybe the best doughnuts I have ever had. Unfortunately I also ordered the popover plate with a poached egg, squash blossom stuffed with goat cheese and sauted mushrooms and tomatoes.

I was stuffed with doughnut but it was so pretty I had to try and eat some.

I hurt myself doing so.

We spent the rest of the day with Marc's mom and dad, sister Jenna, and Stephanie and Blake.
We were so busy visiting I only took this one picture. Arrrrg! Jonathan and Stephanie had fun playing the guitar (J) and the ukulele (S) together and Jenna and I made a special dinner to celebrate Mom and Dad's upcoming 50th anniversary.

The next day we headed home but on our way out we stopped for an early lunch. Can you guess where?
Can you believe with all the trips we make to L.A. we've never been to Pinks? Well, Marc can because he hates hot dogs but I do not hate hot dogs, unless it's a gross hot dog, which these were not. This was a very nice hot dog and I'm glad we got to try it.

We also made a quick pit stop at California doughnuts so Miss Ellie could be happy but I forgot to take a picture.

All in all it was a nice trip even if it was awfully quick.

P.S. Last week I opened an Etsy store to sell my zipper pouches. You can visit it here. I'll tell you the story of how I decided to open it later this week.
My pouches just chillin' in the Marriott bathroom. They travel well.

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  1. I'm starving now and I literally just finished lunch. Can I be a nanny or something and come with next time? I'm forcing Brad to take me to that breakfast joint for sure the next time we go south. Can't wait to hear about why you decided to open your etsy shop!


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