Easter + Teenagers

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I promised myself that I am going to do better keeping up with blogging and recording our family's going ons along with my DIY goodness and ranch house beautification. But I am SO tired tonight.

Is it okay if I just post our Easter pictures and call it done for today?

Why am I so tired you ask? Oh, because I had to stay up late so I could pick Ellie and Jonathan up from the "Fall Out Boy" concert in San Francisco last night. Yes, last night as in Easter Sunday last night.

This was one of those times that my weak calendaring skills really bit me. A couple months ago Jonathan asked if he could take Ellie to the concert and I was so pleased that he wanted to take his little sister that I said yes. Then we realized it was on a Sunday and I still said yes; it seemed like the kind of experience that could enhance their relationship forever, like, "...remember how cool it was when we went to that concert together when we were kids?" kind of enhancement.

But it wasn't until after he bought the tickets that I realized it was on Easter Sunday. Drat! So we had Easter crepes for brunch before church and then an egg hunt.

Are our kids too old for egg hunts? Probably. Do we care? Not at all. In fact, Marc and I knew we'd be shelling out money for concert t-shirts so we got a bunch of $1 bills and rolled them up in plastic eggs and then Marc hid them outside.

Jonathan and Ellie thought it was ridiculous. Here is Ellie giving me "the look."

 And Jonathan "posing" for a photo.
A couple more just for family records and whatnot.
It's not the same as when our kids were small, but it's still good.
Happy Easter everyone!

2 Responses to “Easter + Teenagers”

  1. I love that you still have easter hunts. I stupidly still have birthday treasure hunts for my children and they are 25 and 21, I am up late the night before writing out clues and finding hiding places - I wouldn't miss it for the world.
    I am going to try to recreate a lulie wallace painting as per your instructions - wish me luck
    Kind Regards

    1. I wish you so very much luck with your painting endeavors! I predict you will love your new painting :-)
      And, do you think the fact that we persist in treasure hunts and egg hunts for our older children means we're ready for grandbabies?


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