Armoires In Every Room, Please

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I've been blogging for, maybe, ever and my blog has stayed pretty small and I'm okay with that. Over the years I've had lots of requests to do posts featuring different products but I've just ignored them because I generally (always) only want to write about what I want to write about because I am the boss of this blog! 

But I finally received a request that I can't say no to; Chairish asked me to share some of my favorite ways to use an armoire and since armoires are one of my favorite pieces of furniture (fastest way to Narnia, amIright?) I am doing it. Yes! Still, I'm not being compensated for this-I just really like the topic and their website is super awesome for furniture/decorating addicts like us. 

So here are my first ideas, based on the fact that I have a bathroom with zero storage.

I would replace our mirror with one that has a shelf built in beneath it to hold some pretty necessities that I'd keep in cut glass jars with copper colored lids. Yum.

I'd absolutely love to have a gorgeous, vintage armoire like the one pictured here from Charish that I would fill with big, fluffy, MATCHING towels (please let me one day have all matching towels).

Plants love bathrooms so I'd apply my greenish thumb to growing one that would trail beautifully over the top of the armoire.

I put a picture of my favorite room spray by JR Watkins because every bathroom needs that, organized or not. And speaking of nice smells, we cannot go wrong with an Anthropology candle.

And finally, that sink with the built-in hand towel hangers? Genius.

Of course, bathrooms aren't the only good way to use an armoire. I love the one in our guest room here
And if you like the decorating rule that every room should have something black in it, how fabulous would this one be in a room that needs extra storage?
I absolutely love an eclectic mix of furniture styles in a home, it makes me think that the people who live there are interesting and well rounded as opposed to a home that has been studiously decorated in a single style. An Asian style armoire is an amazing way to get a "citizen of the world" feel in your home and Chairish has an entire section of them.

EEEEEP! This would be perfect in my green bedroom.

And I can't even handle how much I want to just exist in this happy room.

And be best friends with whomever lives here

So what do you think? Is there room for an armoire in your home?

5 Responses to “Armoires In Every Room, Please”

  1. Those final two photos are killing me. KILLING ME, I tell you!

    1. The last one reminds me of your home a bit.

    2. Me, too. In fact, I would have photo bombed your blog and posted a photo of my magical Chinese antique cabinet if I could have.

  2. I want all of those. Way to write for Chairish!

    1. Thanks Mon! I want them all too. I need one for my bedroom, one in the kitchen eat in and one in my bathroom!


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