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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At my church I have the best job EVER! It's taking care of the nursery age children for two hours so their parents can go to Sunday school and other meetings. Regular adults have to go to class and listen to lessons and sit still and pay attention...but as Nursery Leader Extraordinaire, I get hugs and to play with blocks and eat string cheese and sing "The Wheels on the Bus." I want to say, "suckers!" here, but that would probably be inappropriate? Also, I won't get to keep this job forever. 

So, my heart is just truly in love with each and every one of those littles. Hanging out with them is one of the highlights of my week and it just makes me think about how much I WANT TO BE A GRANDMA! 

Yep, I went there. 

I just do, okay? I can't help it. I know Maddie and Kenny are waiting for awhile, and I really am not pressuring them. They can take as long as they want and I support them. I do! I can't help it that I love babies, God made me this way.

Anyway, in an effort to fill the black hole in my life left by my sweet nephews living across the country and my sweet grandchildren waiting in Heaven to be born, I recently  asked the mom of one of my sweet little nursery girls if I could ever tag along on one of their excursions and help her out since she has a new baby.

And she said I could go to the pumpkin farm with them! We went last week. Here's a photo of Cheeks; her mom gave permission for me to post these photos but asked that I not use her real name. It's fine, she is Cheeks and I shall call her Cheeks.

Couldn't you just die from her cuteness?
Here I am with my stalker grandma wannabe heart full of hugging happiness.
Cheeks is about the sweetest little girl you're ever going to meet and I am very lucky to be her friend. I like her mom too :-)

The pumpkin farm had these plastic pools full of millions of lima beans to swim in. It was so enticing I even got in for awhile. We made Cheek Bean Soup.
There is a final photo of me jumping about like a crazy person on an adult size hippity hop horse trying to entice cheeks to come hop with me, but I am exercising discretion and keeping it off of the internet in the interest of not embarrassing the people I love anymore than I already do.

Annnnnd, on a completely unrelated note, my dresser makeover was featured on West Furniture Revival. Yay me!  

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  1. Darlin'...I just can't get my head around as a grammy...I still want to play Tic-Tac-Toe with you on the sole of my foot!


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