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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Don't you love the one throwing up guts down on the bottom?
Last night we had a Halloween party that was born out of guilt. Awhile ago Ellie brought up that we hadn't carved pumpkins at Halloween in like, two years. I feel like I should get a bye for last year because we did have a bunch of kids over to go trick-or-treating, but Ellie says no.

The year before that I put off buying pumpkins until the day before Halloween and can you believe it, they were all gone (or moldy)? I know Halloween is super popular now, but I am an old fashioned Christmas girl. I can't get too worked up over Halloween because I am saving myself for the big show.

But this year I decided to make it up to the Squeak by having an actual Pumpkin Carving Party. My friend Lisa helped me.
Lisa and her beautiful girls Alex and Addie
 What I am learning from these photos is that I seriously need to let go of my iphone and use my Sony to take pictures. And I need to learn how to use my Sony.
The lovely Bain family minus Dayna who was busy with churchy duties.
After. Love both the smiles.
Here comes my crew all working hard.

Jonathan's finished creation!

And that is it. Do I get credit for being a good Halloweenie mom now?

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