DIY Super Easy Halloween Decoration

Friday, September 26, 2014

When holiday decorations start showing up in stores there is something inside of me that just wants to buy them alllllllll! But I can't so I gots to get crafting.

I just made this.

I actually made one first for Katie to decorate her apartment for Halloween. It was so cheap, quick and easy that I made three more and decided to share it here.

The only thing I had to buy for this Halloween tree were the $1 crows from the dollar store. To make one you'll also need a container, floral foam, moss, chalk paint, a stick from a dead bush (there are lots of these around here since California is in a severe drought), bits of ribbon and yarn and your glue gun.
1.Tape off the area you want to paint with chalk paint like so:
I like Frog Tape, it works on any container you want. I had these little guys but you could also use a terra cotta pot or a mason jar. I made one in a jar for a friend. 
2. Paint it with chalk paint, wait a couple minutes and then pull of the tape while the paint is still a bit wet.
3. Using a whole lot of hot glue, stick some floral foam to the bottom of the container and then stuff your stick into it. Use your artistic 6th sense to edit your stick, snapping off any superfluous twigs that you don't like.
4. Squish a bunch of moss stuff around the foam to make it look pretty. I used this kind that I got last year at our local nursery.

5. If your paint is dry get you some regular old chalk and make your mark. I decided to go with a simple monogram.

6. Now is the fun part! Decide where you want your crow to roost and stick him in there. The ones from our dollar store  have wire attached to their feet that I wrapped around the twig and added a dollop of glue for stability. 
7. Gather up all your fall colored ribbon and string and yarn and whatever floats your boat and cut it into little two inch pieces.
 8. Twist the ribbon and secure it with a little glue. Tying them on would be too much work. Glue is best.
And that's kind of it. I glued a tiny piece of twine with a charm on it to the beak of some of my crows, others I just glued a little piece of ribbon. 
I sort of love them.
Happy Fall y,all!
I'm linking up here. So many great projects, you should check them out!

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