Weekend with my Sweetheart

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I can never get enough of Marc. It could be because I have a huge crush on him or it could be because he's an attorney who works close to a bajillion hours a week. Either way I was so very excited to take a little road trip with him up to Tahoe this weekend.
 The weather was perfect for travel with the top down. I usually want the top up because of how crazy my hair gets but it was worth it!

On Friday morning we found a little trail along the river where we could walk and talk about some of our goals for the new school year. It's time for recommitting to family scripture study at the Fosse home. We talked about finding a "spoonful of sugar" to make it easier in the morning and decided that chocolate chip pancakes might do the trick. It was beautiful if a bit hazy from the large King fire.

While we were walking I noticed all of this fabulous bright green moss on the ground. This moss was just begging to be used in home decorating so I had to jog back to the car to get a little bag to collect it in. Marc was like, "sure babe. do that."
Then we went and wandered around cute little downtown Truckee.
Where we got lunch at Morgan's Lobster shack. I had the lobster mac and cheese. Seriously. It was so good.
The next day we decided to try a trail ride. Neither of us have been on a horse in years. I think I was a girl scout the last time that happened. Here is my horse for an hour, Milo.
Marc was a natural. Milo and I kept falling behind.
Which was fine! I am totally fine with being on a slow horse. 

The weekend was short and lovely. On the way home we stopped for burgers at Redrum Burgers. My only regret is that I was too full to try the fresh blackberry milkshake. Maybe next time.

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