More Paint and Elbow Grease

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I am continuing to work on my family room transformation (see my plans here). The project that I relish the least is painting the bookshelves, so I'm making myself do it before I can buy fabric for the curtains. It's sort of a vegetables before cookies kind of thing.

I got through several steps yesterday.

1. empty the bookshelves.

2. Vacuum up the amazing gravity defying dog hair that was all over the back of said bookshelves.

3. Get a diet coke.

4. Drag bookshelves into the kitchen. I have a devious master plan that by painting in the kitchen I will get paint on the floor thus speeding the day when we will rip up the linoleum and paint the wood underneath. And then I will take over the tri-state area. Evil laugh.....

5. Roll on the first coat of white latex enamel paint.

6. Watch the new episode of Modern Family and dream about how I have eight more years until massive world travel ensues. Believe Phil and Claire have made a grave mistake. (Don't judge; surely you know I adore my smalls)

7. Finish rolling on second coat of paint just in time to go pick up Ellie.

I didn't paint the backs because I'm going fore a look like this:

I work today and Book club is at my house tonight so I won't get a chance to finish until tomorrow. I'll keep you updated.

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  2. The get paint on the linoleum so Marc will rip it out trick, eh?


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