My Hair is a Bird's Nest Halloween Costume

Monday, October 29, 2012

A few weeks ago I saw a picture in Martha Stewart's Halloween magazine of a woman with a nest in her hair. I was in line at the grocery store so I only had a minute to look at it, but as soon as I saw it I said to myself, "Self, that is me!"

Who hasn't had hair "like a bird's nest?" I wake up that way every morning.

If you want an elegant up-do like mine, here's how I did it.

1. Blow dry your hair with WAY more product in it than you would normally use.

2. Add a bunch of hair spray for good measure then get those locks up in some hot curlers. If you already have curly hair skip that part.

3. While your hair is in curlers gather up the stuff you want to stick in it plus bobby pins and a glue gun. I used:

tons of Spanish moss

a crow from my Halloween box

a little plastic skull


bits of bush with berries on it that I snipped out of my backyard

a small shell

4. Whip out those curlers but don't brush your hair. More hairspray! More!

5. Pull up the hair at the crown of your head and make a messy bun. This is what you will anchor all your moss into.

6. Take a big wad of moss and plop it on top of the bun. It needs to be thick because you're going to glue things in it and you don't want glue going through it and sticking to your hair.

7. Use lots of bobby pins to pull the moss around into the shape of a skull cap and stick them into your bun. I had some green moss that I pinned onto the front too.

8. Next I got my cheap plastic crow and hot glued him right up top there. I did it myself and since the moss was nice and thick I didn't have any problems with glue in my hair when it was time to take it out. I did have lots of little bits of moss to brush out though.

9. Now glue in whatever else you think will look creepy beautiful up there.

10. Step ten is to stick twigs, berries, and whatever other backyard grandaflora you like into your mess, I mean nest. Secure with more bobby pins.

11. The last step was to use a curling iron to curl up the other bits of my hair that were sticking out and then to pull in pin little pieces of hair up and around the nest so it looked like it was more part of my hair.

This was a seriously fun costume to make! It only took maybe 30 minutes. I think it would be really cute on a kid who wanted to be a tree, just add brown pants and a green shirt.

Happy Halloween!

2 Responses to “My Hair is a Bird's Nest Halloween Costume”

  1. You are a very cute nest!! Am I crazy, but I also think I remember some feathers. They weren't black crow feathers, but I remember feathers sticking out in the back. Love ya.


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