The Best Nephews EV-ER!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 I had such a great weekend with Marc's little sister Becca and her sweet boys Drew and Wes. They were my baby fix until November when we'll see them again. Even though I know my child bearing days are long gone, there is nothing I like better than a baby. Unless it's two babies!

I love seeing my younger kids get a chance to be the big kids. Jonathan even had an "opportunity" to practice his diaper changing skilz.
Both boys got a ton of attention.

On Saturday Becca went to a friend's wedding and we took the boys to Tilden Park in Berkeley. 

They rode the carousel.

Drew didn't like it.
Wes did.
We took a little break and let them play in the grass, er dirt? Well, we tried to convince them of the pleasures of grass but they kept heading for the dirt.
Admit it! I have the cutest nephews in the world (insert evil laugh)! I wish I was a better photographer though.

Then we went to the "Little Farm," where they have BIG cows to feed.

Wes slept through most of the farm visit,
but Drew was a pro at feeding the animals by the time we left.

 Yes, he fed the heck out of those sheep!
Then we were done.

Except the part where Marc and I took copious amounts of photos of the farm and the terracing saying to ourselves, "We should totally do this in our backyard," because, sure, we know how to farm and keep livestock and whatnot. How hard can it be anyway? We'll get a book. Farming for Dummies."
Do you think we could make our two acres of weeds look like that? Dream.

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