The (Almost) Finishing Porch Touches

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm thinking another post about our house painting project may be kind of overkill, but I'm putting up the porch pictures just the same because it is the best part. If you've painted a whole house yourself then you know what I mean, it's the little details that finally make it look good.

If you want to follow the process, here are links to the other posts.

So here it is.
I so love a red door. The little detail I love the most is the hook for dry cleaning we hung on the inside of the lattice on the right. Hooray, no more dry cleaning sliding off the bench and getting walked on by the dog...not that that ever happens here.
I also like the bench painted black. I started out painting it with the orange/red we used on the shutters.

But after moving it on and off the porch mid-paint we decided all black would be better.

Now, even though we have more windows to trim, I'll try to resist talking about it here. Good times though, right?

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  1. You really need a before and after pic here. Just my two cents.


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